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Start your journey through time and the senses at the NH Collection Roma Palazzo Cinquecento...
An intimate scroll through the secrets of an always surprising city full of myths and legends.

Experience 1

Italian pairing

Italy, the heart of the Mediterranean and its cuisine, exquisitely married at the BARZILAI wine bar. A space where you can take in and enjoy Rome’s atmosphere just a 10-minute walk from the Hotel NH Collection Palazzo Cinquecento.

Rione Monti

A tasty combination

The taste of the street

Experience 2

Historical cuisine

What does Italy taste of? The country par excellence of pasta and pizzas has great gastronomic pleasures that you will fall in love with.

Summer history

A timeless icon

Experience 3

Dolce Vita Tour

Experiencing Rome means getting into the essence of the Italian way of life. Feel the Dolce Vita and be the protagonist of a cinematic experience...

Must visit

Unwind with a slow drink

Experience 4

The other side of Rome

When sunset approaches, Rome takes on another rhythm and colour. A perfect time to relax with a drink. Or to continue marvelling at the majesty of the lights of the city and its monuments, with the evening hiding its mysteries...


Campo de Fiori

Experience 5

Local Market

Cities are becoming increasingly cosmopolitan, but each has its own special charm. Rome stands out for its customs, traditions, way of being... a great opportunity to get to know its people and the nuances of what locally authentic truly means.


Exclusive bites

Experience 6

Feel the extraordinary

There are an infinite range of potential experiences in Rome, but together with NH Collection, each one of them takes on a new feel. Get ahead in the local, cultural, artistic, gastronomic and innovative universe...

A unique environment

Like at home

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Staying in a NH Collection is to immerse yourself in its atmosphere.

It is the character conveyed by the cities where they are located. It is the historical legacy and cultural heritage that you will find when visiting us.

Exceptional places that create an unforgettable experience thanks to their most inspiring gastronomy, architecture and folklore.

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